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Wholesale Flooring Supplier

Since 1972 Nance Industries has served as a major wholesale outlet for flooring distributors nationally. Due to our large customer base, we are able to service dealers nationwide. If you are a new customer interested in buying please fill out a contact form.


Area Rugs

Whether you are looking to order a box set of rugs for your retail store or schedule trailer load quantites, Nance can service any size order. We currently process over one million rugs annually, so volume has never been an issue. Looking to become a distributor? Click here.

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Roll Specials

Buy where the dealers buy from. We carry a large inventory of roll goods in house that change constantly due to our dealer customer base. With low cost specials, we can offer great deals on first quality carpet. Interested in our specials? Click here and we will reach out to you. 


Carpet Remnants 

Do you have a large amount of apartments or contractors in your area? Contact us here to find out what remnant specials we have going on to better service your area and your wallet.


Residential Carpet Tile

Residential carpet tile is a growing category in the flooring market today. We have the capabilities to private label your own boxes for retail store use. Contact us here for more info on how you can sell your own line of residential carpet tile.


Commercial Carpet Tile

Because we have such a large inventory of commercial carpet tile, we service dealers, contractors, hotels, and more. With a broad selection of modular carpet tile warehoused here in our plants, we can service any size job. Click here, to find out more.

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Carpet Wall Base

We service hospitality groups and commercial contractors with carpet wall base everyday. Nance is still the largest supplier of carpet wall base in the United States today. For large commercial or hotel installations please fill out a contact form here.


Luxury Vinyl Plank

We carry a vast array of color, design, and textures for both residential and commercial grade luxury vinyl plank. We specialize in large commercial jobs that can be installed by one of our crews in the Southeast. To find out more about how you can customize your order contact us.  


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