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Custom Area Rugs

Custom made rugs are still widely used today in the entertainment & design industry, mostly due to interior designers and large hospitality events. Since the initial start of the company, Nance has become a widely used vendor for custom made rugs in the United States.  

Pioneer custom rug artist, Meril Thomison, is one of the rug industry's best kept secrets. Now one of Nance Industries longest standing employee's, Meril Thomison is responsible for concepts & designs that can still be seen today throughout the rug industry.

For more information about how you can bring your idea to life, contact us here.


Custom Lay-In

Still one of the most popular custom made rug designs, lay-in's are made from combining different carpet materials into one rug using  manual techniques from our rug artists.


Machine Printed Designs

A more affordable option, Nance Industries has the capabilities to print any design or picture onto any size area rug with your choice of backing.


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