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Natural Coir Mats

We source our coir mats directly from our manufacturer in India. Because of the partnership, we are able to produce high quality natural coir mats with different designs and concepts that are cost effective to our customers. If you are interested in selling our natural coir mats in large quantities through a retail chain, contact us here.  


Custom Rubber Natural Coir Mat

This simple, yet structured design is a great way to welcome guests into your home. One of our best sellers, this durable custom welcome mat will keep your guests shoes clean and entertained both inside and out.


Custom Black Frame Natural Coir Mat

Our customized double black framed coir mat features a 2" thick pile height with natural coconut husk fibers. Backed with a PVC vinyl backing, this mat will stand the test of time, while providing stability for your guests as they come and go. 


Engelhardt Classic Custom Welcome Doormat

Our most affordable customized welcome mat, that gives stability and purpose to your entryway. A simple yet defined look that your guests will love, no matter what message you choose to have. 


Allete Monogrammed Rubber Natural Coir Mat

Crafted from natural coir, this all-weather design showcases a generously sized silhouette letter that gives guests plenty of space to scrape off their shoes. Its non-slip rubber backing helps it stay put to ensure it does its job, while a black scrolling border completes the look with a touch of traditional style.


Monogrammed Black Frame Natural Coir Mat

A classic monogrammed theme is a perfect fit for any entry way. Keep your shoes and house clean with this 2" thick natural coir mat. Monogrammed with a letter of your choice, this mat will welcome your guests with hospitality and design.


Natural Coir Entry Way Doormat

Greet guests with a natural rustic appeal when you lay down this doormat, the perfect pick for your porch or entryway.

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